Monday, 4 April 2011

The Great Tipster Experiment Week 6 Results

Victory. 6 weeks of truly awful luck (and in fairness some poor judgment) have finally culminated in a win. and my lord was it close.

I predicted that Northampton were going to beat Sale comfortably so I bet that they would win by anything between 11 and 30 points. Northampton went in at half-time with a 10 point lead and total set-piece dominance, I was cruising.

Then Sale hooker Neil Briggs earns himself a second yellow card for a bit of handbags 5 minutes after half-time. Sale had 35 minutes to play with 14 men, and the floodgates truly opened. By the 77th minute it was 48-24 to the saints, a converted try would take them beyond a 30 points lead. In the 78th minute Phil Dowson sneaked the ball over the Sale line for Northampton's 8th try. The score is 53-24, the lead 29 points and the conversion still to come.

By the this point I'd accepted my fate, I'd even started planning my usual 'I can't believe how unlucky I am' blog post. But no, finally lady luck shone upon me. Conversion missed, final score 53-24, bet won. Suddenly 5 weeks of pain, suffering and dejection feel worth the wait. And more importantly my chances of making a profit on my Tipster Experiment are back on track.

Here's hoping predicting is like waiting for buses and I'll go on a winning run. More than that though I think I am slowly learning how to turn a sound prediction into a good value bet. Don't get me wrong though, this gambling lark is still a mug's game.

Week 6 Results: Wager £10
                          Return £18.75
                          Profit £8.75

Total loss after 6 weeks £9.65

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