Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Great Tipster Experiment Week 6

Northampton v SaleHere we go again, my weekly festival of crushing disappointment has arrived once again. I have been unbelievably unlucky in recent weeks (If you don't believe me click 'The Great Tipster Experiment' tab and see for yourself) but I have to accept that last week I only had myself to blame.

I changed my tactics and  put all my money on one game. I knew the Crusaders were going to win comfortably last weekend so I bet on a spread of winning margins. I had them to win by 11-15 points and 21-25 points. They won by 16. This was of course a little unlucky, but it was undeniably poor betting. I set out to prove myself as a tipster and I ended up leaving myself in the hands of lady luck, who we have long since established is not my biggest fan.

Anyway, this week I'm going to follow the same concept, but not leave any gaps. I am pretty confident that Northampton will beat Sale comfortably. I expect them to continue their revival with the return of their internationals and Sale have a woeful away record. So I have them to win by anything between 10 and 30 points.

Week 6 Bets

Northampton winning margin 11-15 stake £2.50 (returns £18.75)
Northampton winning margin 16-20 stake £2.50 (returns £13.75)
Northampton winning margin 21-25 stake £2.50 (returns £15.00)
Northampton winning margin 26-30 stake £2.50 (returns £18.75)

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