Monday, 28 March 2011

The Great Tipster Experiment Week 5 Results

I'm thoroughly sick of saying how unlucky I've been so far in my tipster experiment. Once again I called the game right but luck was not on my side. I knew the Crusaders were going to win comfortably so I covered a series of Crusaders winning margins. I had them to win by 11-15 points and 21-25 points. They won by 16. Come one mother luck, throw me a bloody bone here.

Usually my bad luck costs me a couple of quid, but  this week I could only win on one bet so I lost all £10. Who said fortune favours the bold? Anyway, chin up and on to next week. Bets based on sound logic will eventually produce results. I have to win at some point.

Week 5 Results: Wager £10
                          Returned £0
                          Loss £10

 Total loss after 5 weeks £18.40

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  1. That was unlucky. I like the concept of a weekly wager experiment.

    I also write a Rugby blog. Would you be interested in linking to it?

    I would also be interested in getting you to write some articles for me if you are interested before Rugby World Cup time. Anyway, let me know please. My email is on my website.

    Scotty Donaldson
    Rugby Tips