Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Great Tipster Experiment Week 1: The Result

Scotland have lost all three of their Six Nations matches
Scotland: So close

If you didn’t catch my last post basically I am conducting an experiment to prove myself as a rugby tipster and as an expert of the sport. I will be betting £10 every week across a variety of top class rugby matches and keeping track of my profit and loss over the course of the season.
Oh so close, so so close.
My first prediction game through with comfortable ease, Italy making it as hard as possible for a struggling Welsh outfit, Final Score Italy 16 Wales 24.
Then my second bet came through even more comfortably, a physical low scoring affair just as I had said, Final Score England 17 France 9.
Then I sit down on Sunday afternoon, pint in hand, ready to see my beloved Scots bounce back from embarrassment against the Welsh and win me £40 in the process, and you know what, we did bounce back, we played with pride and we were in it until the end. Final Score Scotland 18 Ireland 21.
OK, I suppose you either win or you lose but I think even the most cynical man would accept that my assessment of the weekends Six Nations fixtures were spot on. I even told you to take my Scotland bet with a pinch of salt.
Sadly had Dan Parks started the game or if we understood that you can score points by placing the ball down over the try-line maybe things would’ve been different, but I can honestly say that I have finished week 1 of The Great Tipster Experiment with my pride fully intact. Besides I only lost 65p.
Week 1 Results: Total wager £10
                                Money returned £9.35
                                Total Losses £0.65
Part of the idea of the Experiment is that on a Friday people will post (either on this site or on the BBC 606 site) their alternatives to my bets and on a Monday they will post the results. Please get involved. Cheers.

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