Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Great Tipster Experiment Week 4

Ireland wing Andrew TrimbleAnother Six Nations weekend, another set of impossible predictions, another weekend that will doubtless end in despair and the crushing feeling that I was not blessed with luck. To think back to a mere four weeks ago and the naive optimism with which I entered this experiment, dreaming of riches and glory, expecting praise and adulation. Now look at me, cynical and broken.

People have said to me, 'hey you've only lost £6 in 3 weeks, it's nothing to worry about', but screw that. I mean can I not even lose big? am I destined for mediocrity? Can I not even be good at failing?

OK, self deprecation over, here are my predictions for the final weekend of the Six Nations.

Scotland Vs Italy Italy to stay within 8 points of Scotland 10/11 £2.50 (return £4.77)

I just think that offering an 8 point handicap in a game with two basically evenly matched sides is fantastic value for money. I actually feel really positve about this one. The Azzuri will be fired up for this one after last week.

Ireland Vs England Ireland to stay within four points of England 10/11 Stake £2.50 (return £4.77)

Even if the English do win this one I can't see it being by many. The pressure of the occasion and the recent history of the tie are on my side.

France Vs Wales France to win 1/3 Stake £2.50 (return £3.33)

Surely it's typically French for them to play well this weekend, and frankly I've been so unimpressed the Welsh in these championships that I can't see this one going any other way.

Total return if all are correct (including a £2.50 accumulator) £25.02

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