Monday, 7 March 2011

The Great Tipster Experiment Week 2: The Result

Neil Back
Now I get how Munster fans feel about him

I have a distinct sense of de ja vu this morning. I know gambling is a mug's game but twice now I have come so close to a big win and both times ended up basically breaking even.

This week I had 3 bets out of 4 safely in the bag, all I needed was for Irish to beat Leeds by 7 points. 60 minutes in they were 9 points clear. Surely Leeds had nothing left in the tank, surely my glorious victory was secure. No chance, Leeds had to find a comeback the likes of which they haven't looked even close to producing all season. Teaches me for doubting a team led by Neil Back. (Final Score Leeds 27 London Irish 19)

And all this came after Gloucester had outplayed Bath in the game of the Season so far (Final Score Gloucester 34 Bath 22), Sarries had scrapped a Win at leicester (Final Score Leicester 14 Saracens 15) and Wasps eased past Sale (Final Score Wasps 33 Sale 26).

Well at least I can say this experiment isn't costing me much, and if I keep coming this close then surely a win is around the corner.

Week 2 results: Total wager £10
                        Money Returned £9.38
                        Losses £0.62
 Total losses after 2 weeks £1.27  

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