Friday, 11 March 2011

What the Hell is Phil Vickery Doing?

Like the new layout? Thought I'd change it to make you think that I can employ a full time web designer.

Anyway, just a quickie post today but I just had to bring to your attention the ridiculous video  Phil Vickery has done to promote the new HP Guinness sauce (which in fairness sounds phenomenal). I don't need to say much about this, frankly it speaks for itself.

What the hell is he doing? Don't get me wrong here, everyone's got the right to make a buck, but there is a line, and he has crossed it.

And what is the obsession with inspiration rugby speeches? I know the sport has an image as real man's game and its players are certainly more eloquent than a lot of other sportsmen, but frankly its all so cliched and naff. Take Lewis Moody's inspirational team talk for example.

Frankly if you want it done properly leave it to the Pro's. Here is Stephen berkoff doing a rugby version of Al Pacino's 'inches' speech from Any Given Sunday in a Sky Sports Advert. It's still thoroughly cliched, but at least it's well delivered.

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