The Great Tipster Experiment

Every Friday I bet £10 across a selection of top class rugby matches. I spread my money evenly across all my bets and I also place one accumulator (a bet on all my bets being correct). I look for interesting and good value bets. Over the course of the season I'll track my profit and loss. Hopefully I can prove myself as a tipster, I suspect I'll most likely have some fun failing.

Click the links to see my predictions in more detail.

Week 1: 65p loss         Predictions     Results
Week 2: 62p loss         Predictions     Results
Week 3: £5.23 loss      Predictions     Results
Week 4: £1.90 loss      Predictions     Results
Week 5: £10 loss         Predictions     Results
Week 6: £8.75 profit    Predictions     Results
Week 7: £3.82 loss      Predictions     Results

Total: £15.83 loss